Does A Better And Healthy Way Of Living Have An Impact?

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I suppose it won’t really come as a surprise when I say, “Living a healthy life is game changing.”

The essentials of a healthy lifestyle include:

  • Balanced diet
  • Physical workouts
  • Optimum body weight
  • A big NO to alcohol and smoking
  • Adequate intake of water

It has been observed in a lot of researches conducted that people who abide by these rules of leading a healthy lifestyle end up living more. And those who don’t take this seriously, more often than not do face premature deaths.

Studies show that people who do not take their health seriously are prone to cancer as well as cardiovascular diseases. Even if not all the five, but one of these habits are followed by individuals, it makes a huge difference on their lives altogether. In short, the better the habits, the longer is the life.

Health Suggestions


There have been observations made through the innumerable studies done on international platforms and by scientists all over the world that people facing premature deaths were 200% exposed to unhealthy habits such as overeating, excessive alcohol intake, no physical exercise etc.

Now what is the way forward? Logically, there’s definitely a way of making people follow a healthy lifestyle and nothing can be better than imposing guidelines in the form of laws and regulations. That would definitely stop companies making money out of encouraging unhealthy eating habits.

Along with the regulations imposed by government, it’s is also a huge amount of personal dedication towards leading a better lifestyle that comes at play. We need to have a certain rules for ourselves, not for the world but for US! In my personal opinion yoga, brisk walking and having a “Satvic“ diet plan can make a huge difference ! There are a lot of yogic postures that reduce excessive fat and help in smooth circulation of blood.

Also, while trying to be healthy, it’s extremely important to know what to AVOID. And first in the list comes the name of “Unhealthy sweeteners “. They claim to be extremely beneficial for health but recent studies show us that it’s clearly not thecase! There are lot of added preservatives to such products which make them extremely harmful for our bodies.

It is time for us to widen up and bring in a positive change in our lives. Chronic illness can definitely be bidden a goodbye, all we have to do is LOVE ourselves and our bodies a little more and take care of it like a baby.

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