Healthy Lifestyle

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Lifestyle in itself is a word that holds immense weight. It refers to the way one lives including one’s behaviour,style,morals,attitudeetc. It represents what we do on a regular basis. To lead a normal and active life one must ensure to follow a healthy lifestyle. Ahealthy lifestyle refers to an effective way of living that reduces the risk of catching an infection or being ill. Ahealthy lifestyle helps in managing a proper body system and preventing a number of a ailments.

The meaning of healthy differs for everybody but we as humans are fundamentally the same. All the aforementioned components of living a healthy life call for a balance between one’s mental and physical health.

It is necessary to understand how the little things one invests in everyday, makes up the bigger picture in which they see themselves, either flourishing or stressing. The latter is true for most of the people even when they are prospering financially. This comes from the misconception that physical health is substitute to mental health. This distorted belief needs to be erased to give way to a better lifestyle. It is based on the understanding of what this life gives us and what we decide to give it in return. Every step we take counts, as a healthy lifestyle is a journey, not a destination.

Healthy Lifestyle

Habits to inculcate for a healthy lifestyle:

  • Reduce your time on phone.
  • Exercise daily.
  • Practice meditation and yoga.
  • Sleep well.
  • Avoid smoking or consumption of alcohol.


Benefits of a healthy lifestyle:

  • May help increasing one’s life span.
  • Helps in developing good habits.
  • Strengthens immunity.
  • Improves mental health.
  • Strengthens bone and muscles.

Truth vs Myth

The truth is that it’s a myth to believe that one can lead a healthy lifestyle. Everything is healthy if you are content and have accepted yourself in your sickness and health, in your good and bad times and nothing is healthy if your heart hasn’t accepted neither you nor the people around you.

To lead a healthy lifestyle, you must practice what you like and grow yourselves everyday like a plant bit by bit and you will experience content even in your moments of struggle and that’s when you can say that you have led a healthy lifestyle.

The importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is of immense worth. One must realize its value and make suitable changes in his\her to live life in a healthy manner.

It helps you feel better and reduces the chances of you falling sick.

Good exercise, balanced diet and adequate sleep are what one requires to ensure a happy and balanced way of living.

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