Xanax 1mg

It is the brand name of a prescription drug called Alprazolam. The drug is an anti-depressant used to treat depression, anxiety disorder, and panic disorder. It belongs to a class of drugs known as benzodiazepines. The drug is available in different tablets and in liquid form. It is manufactured by Pfizer, and it was approved by FDA in 1981.


Start with 0.25 mg, the minimum strength. After a while, your doctor may increase it. Whenever you start the drug, you must take for 3 months before stopping, otherwise, there may be withdrawal syndromes. After three months, its effect on the body will begin to reduce. Your doctor will also help you reduce the dosage gradually, until you stop completely to avoid withdrawal syndromes.

When you miss a dose, inform your doctor. Don’t increase your dosage to make up for what you missed. Taking an overdose of this strong drug can cause serious health issues like impaired coordination or coma.


  1. The drug should never be taken at the same time with opioid analgesics as the combination could result in conditions like breathing difficulty, sleepiness, or coma. It could also lead to sudden death.
  2. It is not advisable to take the drug if you have glaucoma.
  3. Antifungal drugs like Nizoral and Sporanox should not be taken with it.
  4. It is quite addictive so you should not take it longer than what your doctor prescribed.
  5. It can harm a fetus or cause birth defect, so pregnant women should not take it.
  6. Breastfeeding mothers should stay away from it too.
  7. The drug has not been proven safe or effective for children below 18, so they should not take it.

The drug has a very long list of contraindications, but the ones listed above are the most common ones.

Withdrawal syndromes

If you stop the drug abruptly, you could encounter any of its withdrawal syndromes below. Instead, you may need to contact your doctor who will reduce its dosage gradually for you. Some of the withdrawal syndromes of Xanax include – depression, aggression, seizures, blurred vision, sleeping difficulty, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts (or attempts).

Side effects of the drug

The common side effects of the drug are:

  • Memory problems
  • Slurred speech
  • Difficulty in coordination.
  • Insomnia
  • Drowsiness
  • Swelling on the face, in the tongue, or in the throat.
  • Breathing difficulty
  • Hives


Question 1: How do I store the drug?

Answer: You can store it in a cool, dry, and dark place at room temperature.

Question 2: Can I take the drug after I have taken some alcohol.

Answer: No! Both of them depress the nervous system and their mixture can lead to a fatal reaction like coma or death.

Question 3: Can I take the drug while taking any other drug?

Answer: No. Some of the drugs that react fatally with the Xanax have been listed above. However, the list is very long, so it is safer not to take it with any drug.

Question 4: Can I take it during pregnancy?

Answer: No. It can harm your unborn baby or lead to birth defects. You should not also take it while breastfeeding.

Conclusively, since Xanax 1mg is a strong drug with numerous side effects and contraindications, never take it without involving your doctor, and always adhere strictly to the prescription.

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